The Typaldos family is a branch of the homonymous family of Neapolis and settled in Cephalonia in 1408. In 1593 the family was written in the Golden Noble Book known historically as Libro d 'Oro and divided into ten branches, one of which is the Typaldos Firesti branch Foresti)

In recent years, the great-grandfather Spyridon Forestis served as MP of Kefallinia and was elected President of the Greek Parliament on Eleftherios Venizelos. The other Papp Spyridon Kyraggelos emigrated to Africa at an early age (Johannesburg), where he worked in the coffee plantations where he earned him good fortune.

He returned to his native Greece, married Evangeloula Foresti and made a Soap factory in Corfu. After 10 years he settled in Kefallonia his own homeland, taking the position of the director of the famous Wallianios Vocational School (BES), which he later received, and his son, Athanasios Kyraggelos, father of Valis and Anzolina.

At the same time and alongside his duties at Vallianio Professional School, Athanasios Kyraggelos used the farm to keep beehives, olive groves, vineyards that produced excellent wine and poultry, while a pioneer for the time and innovative as Kefalini used a threshing machine for the cereal. In our days, the worthy bridegrooms of Gkkas Hardouvelis (Mechanical Engineer) and Konstantinos Athanasopoulos (Professor of the University of Athens), continuing the tradition of their ancestors, created the Villa Forestata guesthouse that has been operating since 2005 and has since evolved from the younger generation.

Always wear the hill where it got its name from the noble family ancestors existed mansion that hosted all eminent generations where people leave as a historical legacy reports of the special way of accommodation of the respective owners of the mansion.

This tradition led us and will lead us as heritage and s compass concept of hospitality that we want to offer you that will make all of you, our distinguished guests to feel and always feel at Villa Forestata like home.